Sunday, November 15, 2009

Featured Artist

Welcome to the world of Artwatercolor featuring beautiful original watercolor paintings from Bucharest, Romania.

The artist says, “My themes are inspired by things I see or imagine, a woman on the street or a landscape that caught my eye, but sometimes the subjects are just pretexts for a new color palette I want to try or a new composition.”

A few of my favorites from Artwatercolor's Etsy shoppe:

Original One-of-a-kind Watercolor Painting

Rose Garden
Original One-of-a-kind Watercolor Painting

Dancing Girl
Original One-of-a-kind Watercolor Painting

Bloomed Garden
Original One-of-a-kind Watercolor Painting

Please visit Artwatercolor's Etsy shop for more original works of art

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sibylle Dodinot
Featured Artist

“Bonjour et bienvenue!”

Welcome to Sibylle’s world. How to describe her art? I was drawn to her paintings because of their fantasy aspect, sometimes a little dark, sometimes more whimsical, often both. Everyone will find something interesting in these designs.

Sibylle lives in Brittany, a small Fre
nch region on the west coast. She enjoys travel books and fashion. Sibylle’s favorite mediums are acrylic and watercolor and the world of digital print.

Sibylle’s prints from her original artwork are signed and numbered. They are available in several sizes, including postcards, please see her Etsy listings for more information.

Some of my favorites:

La reine de coeur
Nouvelle collection, inspirée par les jeux de cartes classique
From her new collection, inspired by playing cards
See the little heart leaves?

La reine de carreaux
Also from her playing card inspired collection
The suite of diamonds

La Balancoire
From her collection “Folk”
Inspired by the French song,
“La Complainte de la Butte”
by Rufus Wainwright
La reine de trefle
Playing card collection
Au clair de la lune
Image inspirée par la celebre comptine, au clair de la lune
Inspired by a famous French children’s song,
“Au Clair de la Lune” the story of a little boy looking for a light

See more of Sibylle’s artwork in her shop at

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sisters of the MoonFeatured Artisan

Introducing Sisters of the Moon, a mother and daughter team handcrafting exotic clothing, funky hair falls and accessories. They’re third and fourth generation seamstresses who have successfully brought their craft into the 21st century. I love the
ir beautiful skirts, professionally sewn with exotic laces, jewel-toned satin, tulle and other fabrics. Bohemian, gypsy, gothic, and Victorian are just a few words to describe the vibe of Sisters of the Moon creations.

Romantic Victorian Wedding Prom Skirt
A Fairytale skirt

Purple & Black Gothic Long Handkerchief Skirt
My personal favorite
Sisters of the Moon’s handcrafted hair falls are wild, crazy, colorful and simply mad! You can wear these to Mardi Gras, Burning Man, parties, clubs, Ren faires and cosplay events. I was in downtown San Diego this year during ComiCon and swear I saw a pair of falls in the crowd mingling in front of the convention center. They are easy to wear, well made and come with instructions.

Full Moon Black & Orange Hair Falls
Hmmmmm, these scream Autumn (seriously, can’t you hear them?)
Purple Green Monster Falls
My favorite falls in beautiful contrasting colors
Sisters of the Moon accepts custom orders and can remake items in your color scheme. Their designs are collected by women worldwide including Japan, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Haunted Hollow Tree
Featured Artist

(reproduction print ~ personal favorite)

Pyrography {py•rog•ra•phy}
The art of burning images onto wood or paper using a heated tool or a fine flame. From the Greek “pur” meaning fire and “graphos” meaning writing.

(reproduction print)

Inspired by a gorgeous old gnarled tree in the backroads of the countryside where she lives, Lauren creates stunning images on wood using the ancient art of pyrography. Her haunting images of trees are personal favorites of mine. The medium of pyrography is a challenging one, the permanent nature of burning requires constant precision. Different tonal values and subtle graduations are created by carefully varying the pressure and temperature of the pen tip.

Lauren is a self-taught artist and has also worked in pencil and oils. In 2004 she found pyrography, but saw it mostly used in crafts. She knew such an amazingly gorgeous medium needed to be incorporated into her art. Her process is ever-evolving as she incorporates new mediums alongside the woodburnings. Read more about Lauren's art here.

(reproduction print)

Pyrography is an absolutely beautiful medium and the finished pieces make for a wonderful and unique addition to any growing art collection. I encourage you to visit The Haunted Hollow Tree’s online shop for original pyrographic wood pieces and beautiful reproduction prints.

Visit The Haunted Hollow Tree at

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Featured Artisan: Lena Kotliarker

The Griffin’s Kingdom

Lena’s art is mesmerizing. Her paintings capture something I can’t quite define which resonates within me.

Lena Kotliarker was born in 1969 in Kiev Ukraine. Her passion for painting goes back to early childhood. Lena was a pupil at the Art studio and completed her studies in the Spiritual Art Academy of Kiev Ukraine in 1993.

The Flowers and Fruits

Lena is very successful in creating very intense and vital structures, including a great variety of symbols, both figurative and abstract, using a complicated and complex correlation of techniques and colors. Her works are characterized by a rainbow of colors; from the most delicate of pastels to the brightest of expressionist colors.

Lena’s works may be found in private collections worldwide. She currently lived in Israel.

The Deep Blue Evening

“In my work I make my utmost effort to bring forward the abundant beauty and splendor that is withheld in the Judaic Art. In my method, I do this by embedding the numerous Jewish symbols and icons that have developed throughout many centuries of our rich history and heritage. The symbols mainly identify signs of fortune from the Kabbalah like good health, prosperity, fertility and so on. I believe, that when a person stares at the picture and detects the signs, the fortune will come upon him or her.” —Lena

You can find Lena’s art at