Monday, October 12, 2009

Sibylle Dodinot
Featured Artist

“Bonjour et bienvenue!”

Welcome to Sibylle’s world. How to describe her art? I was drawn to her paintings because of their fantasy aspect, sometimes a little dark, sometimes more whimsical, often both. Everyone will find something interesting in these designs.

Sibylle lives in Brittany, a small Fre
nch region on the west coast. She enjoys travel books and fashion. Sibylle’s favorite mediums are acrylic and watercolor and the world of digital print.

Sibylle’s prints from her original artwork are signed and numbered. They are available in several sizes, including postcards, please see her Etsy listings for more information.

Some of my favorites:

La reine de coeur
Nouvelle collection, inspirée par les jeux de cartes classique
From her new collection, inspired by playing cards
See the little heart leaves?

La reine de carreaux
Also from her playing card inspired collection
The suite of diamonds

La Balancoire
From her collection “Folk”
Inspired by the French song,
“La Complainte de la Butte”
by Rufus Wainwright
La reine de trefle
Playing card collection
Au clair de la lune
Image inspirée par la celebre comptine, au clair de la lune
Inspired by a famous French children’s song,
“Au Clair de la Lune” the story of a little boy looking for a light

See more of Sibylle’s artwork in her shop at